A Twisted Night Free Download

A Twisted Night is made by Panpaii who aims to bring an interesting but terrible game for players. The game consists of only one night lasting 12 hours so you have to try your best to stay alive for 12 terrible hours or you will lose the game. Don’t hesitate to get the game for free download here.

A Twisted Night
A Twisted Night

Basically, the game still stays true to the plot of the original FNAF but also keeps its own attraction. You will take the role of the night guard who will have to monitor carefully the security cameras to watch out the building. This time, you have to fight against much creepy animatronics such as SpringBonnie and Fredbear.

We want to let you know some tips to survive. In order to drive the animatronic robots off and prevent them from approaching and attacking you, you should wind up the music box. Keep the door close if you realize the existence of Fredbear or hear his laughter. With Springbonnie, you need to flip your camera.

Instead of including five nights, the game just happens in 12 hours so it will more be challenged. It also contains loud noise, flashing lights, and jumpscares as well.

Get ready to get A Twisted Night for free download here.

* This game not release.

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