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Anime Location definitely does not waste your time! It is designed by Sunnie Ku who aims to bring an interesting fan-made game for the fan community. Let’s get started to get the game for free download here.

Anime Location
Anime Location

Have you ever wanted to bring your favorite anime characters into this horror genre? If so, it is a perfect choice. In the game, you will be able to play with your desired anime characters. However, instead of being cute as normal, these anime characters will come out with an unbelievable look that can make you jump.

This time, you will put yourself into the shoes of the night guard who takes responsibility to make sure of the security of the place. There are seven cameras in total for you to check and observe what happens around this location.

Of course, you are not alone. Something wrong is going on around you and someone is trying to enter your office. Remember to keep an eye on anime characters anytime.

Ennarda will tend to go through many rooms and appear on your cameras. SpringBonnie and Fredbear will try to crawl through the ventilation at once. Don’t let them come close to you.

Quickly download Anime Location for free and start things off. Are you able to survive the danger of these anime characters?

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