Baby’s Nightmare Circus Download APK for Android

Baby’s Nightmare Circus Download is a fan-made game, which is free for download for Android using APK files. This game is made inspired by the fifth game of the FNAF, sister location.


Baby’s Nightmare Circus features surviving in a circus, which has a lot of animatronic characters taken from the Sister Location game. Those characters will become bosses locating in many different tents instead of nights.

You will not need to follow the nights like in the original game, so you can choose to enter any tent that you like without following any order. By defeating each boss, you will be able to get hidden items, you can get to the extra scene when obtaining all items.

Baby's Nightmare Circus
Baby’s Nightmare Circus

Those animatronic characters in the circus require you to have different strategies to deal with each of them. While some characters are very hostile and require you to run, hide and fight for your life, some are very friendly and only need you to help them with performing.

The main animatronic character of the game is Circus Baby, which first is very friendly, but is not very unpredictable and can turn into something evil. Baby’s Nightmare Circus Download is free for download for Android using APK files

3/5 - (4 votes)
3/5 - (4 votes)

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