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Back For More is one of the most enjoyable games that is highly recommended for all fans of the horror genre. Actually, it is the best replacement for fans of the FNAF of Scott Cawthon if they unexpectedly miss it. Let’s get started to download it for free on this website and enjoy this game by your own way.

Back For More
Back For More


The game comes with a thrilling story that still stays true to the basic plot of the original series. The player also will take the role of the main character.

It starts with breaking news in the newspaper! Currently, Forger David Pinto is on the loose! And there are some rumors that Pinto’s crew is hiding out in Lopes Loans, an abandoned factory. As a result, it is in need of a local citizen who will assist to find out these crooks in this factory. Make sure that the employee will get paid a handsomely wage.

You are looking for a new job and you get this job. And all you need to do is to check and monitor the camera system carefully to find those crooks. Be careful with everything in the factory. Protect yourself if needed.

Don’t hesitate anymore to download Back For More for free here. Can you survive all frightening nights?


5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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