Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark Free Download

Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark, which is for free download here, is an interesting game that is created and developed for those who like Rookie’s “Chica’s Party World.” Because of the popularity of the Rookie’s Chica’s Party World, Rookie Games decided to make the official continuation to meet the need of the fan community.

Chica's Party World: Out of the Dark
Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark


In this continuation, the players will be able to join a creepy story in which they will take the role of the main character. The story takes place two years after the mysterious death of Detective Parker of The Chica’s Party World. Finally, the local authority declared discontinuing the investigation and officially closed the case. However, behind the scenes, something strange begins happening and that is the reason why you are here.

Your mission is to approach the Chica’s Party World and try your best to get out of the underground labyrinth. Whenever you approach this location, you will soon realize that somebody is waiting for your presence but who they are?

In the game, you will fight again Chica, Foxy, and Balloon Boy. Remember to watch out for their behaviors and movements and drive them off if they come close to you.

Let’s get started to download Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark for free.



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