Classic Custom Night Free Download

Classic Custom Night is made and developed to be an interesting horror game for all fans who are looking for new and thrilling experiences. It is where the players will be able to play with many different characters familiarly from the original FNAF. Get ready to download it for free on our website.

Classic Custom Night
Classic Custom Night

The game aims to bring the player a custom night in which there are a lot of characters appearing in order to make the gaming experience more perfect. This time, you will meet your favorite animatronics working in their old and new mechanics. For example, foxy will run to your office as well as put your Freddy mask.

This time, you also have the same job and office. This means that you will play the role of the security guard who will take responsibility for the night shift in order to make sure everything, especially animatronic robots, are in proper use. However, at all times, you will soon realize that someone is keeping track of you and want to approach you closer. You suddenly have a bad feeling about what is going to happen during your job. Try to remember the basic information about the characters, their behavior, and the way to make them go away.

Download Classic Custom Night for free here and enjoy this horror game in your own way.



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