Curtain Call: Epilogue Free Download

Curtain Call: Epilogue is a horror FNAF download game set in a creepy place. It’s free to play the new challenge and check out your survivability against animatronics there!

Curtain Call: Epilogue

It is a major collaboration between @RookieReviews and @Parsa_Bakhshi. It is the 3rd and final chapter of the Curtain Call series.

There are numerous notable features inside. They include animated cutscenes, death minigames, a combination of gameplay from each FNAF game (1-4), and strange characters.


It talks about the survival adventure of a man who is trapped in a dark building. In which, he needs your help to survive and escape from possessed robots.

The enemy is another generation that you must prevent from catching you. Or, you will lose.

Curtain Call: Epilogue is a free download FNAF fan-game. It’s essential to stay alive at the end of the stage to level up and get closer to the exit!


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