ELLIE’S Free Download

ELLIE’S is made and developed by Scribby who is a fan of the globally famous horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s. It is where you are able to have experience of terrifying and unforgettable moments during the game with its graphics, character’s appearance, sounds, etc. Now just need to download it for free on the website and enjoy it in your own way.



Similar to many other fan games of the FNAF, the game also brings the player to immerse in-depth into a thrilling and interesting story that takes place in 1983.

It is the summer of the year 1983 in which people witness a series of unfortunate events happening with Ellie’s Milkshake and Fires, the local family-friendly restaurant. However, all of the details in these events are completely mysterious.

One year later, a news organization is finding out stories in order to report when they go to the now shady kids’ restaurant. They realize that this place is in need of a nightguard position, so they decide to send in a junior-reporter named Jan Calhalo applying for this job and discover what bad things happened around those incidents.

What will happen to this night guard? Let’s download ELLIE’S for free on this website and continue to explore the rest of the story.



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