Fazbear Horror Free Download

Fazbear Horror is an interesting remake of the Five Nights At Freddy 1 but it comes along with multiple cool new stuff. If you want to enjoy the game immediately, don’t hesitate to download it for free here.

Fazbear Horror
Fazbear Horror


Similar to the original series, the game brings all of you to immerse yourself into a thrilling story in which you will play the role of the main character.

The story sets in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza which is a famous pizzeria in local. It is a great place for both children and adults to come there and have experiences full of joy and happiness. The location buys animatronic robots which will be used to make the customers satisfied when they enjoy their meal.

That is the reason why the place now wants to hire an employee who is willing to work as a security watchman on the night shift from 12 am to 6 am. The mission of the guard is to check the surveillance cameras to make sure of the security of equipment as well as keep an eye at animatronic robots.

Incidentally, you are in need of a new job and you decide to apply for this job.

The game consists of five nights in total and an endless mode. In addition, you will play with all of the characters from FNAF 1 and some more.

Get ready to download Fazbear Horror for free here.



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