Five Nights at Dawko’s

Five Nights at Dawko’s is where you are able to have joyful experiences with Dawko, who is a regular fan of the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. Get ready to download the game for free here and enjoy the cuteness of the game.

Five Nights at Dawko's
Five Nights at Dawko’s

In fact, Dawko is known as a well-known YouTuber and also a big fan of horror games. Due to his popularity, Studio MeeM decides to program this small game for him as a little gift. This time, you will immerse yourself into a lovely world with unique graphics and many fantastic things.


This time, the story happens in a new location named Dawko’s Pizza World. It is worth noting that this is a wonderful destination belonging to the YouTube Pizza chain and is a place kids and adults should come once time. At the moment, the place wants an employee to apply for the nightguard position in order to watch out for the security of the pizzeria.

Incidentally, you get the job. There is a surveillance camera system in your office so you are able to observe every corner by checking the cameras. However, when you turn the camera on and start to switch between cameras, you unexpectedly see a weird thing happening. You have to soon find out what it is. If needed, keep yourself safe at any cost.

Quickly download Five Nights at Dawko’s for free here and start things off.



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