Five Nights at Dolma’s 4 Free Download

Download Five Nights at Dolma’s 4 for free simply by a click and you will be able to immerse into a creepy world with a lot of mysteries waiting for discovery.

Five Nights at Dolma's 4
Five Nights at Dolma’s 4


The story of the game happens one decade after the mysterious closure of Dolma’s Grand Circus. The owner of the place decided to retire so the location had to close its door. However, no one wanted to buy-back the location because of some unknown reason. As a result, the local authority eventually planned to develop a new set of apartments which were built above the old store.

Those apartments were completed but something weird started occurring around the new construction. The local citizen said that they unexpectedly witnessed a lot of mysteries, including animatronic puppets. They informed this information to the authority for solving. After receiving the announcement, the authority was forced to hire an anonymous paranormal researcher to work in this location and soon detect what happens. What is the true origin of these animatronic robots?

That is the reason why you are here and work as this researcher. Attempt to find out what happens as soon as possible.

Let’s get started to download Five Nights at Dolma’s 4 for free here and continue to find out the rest of the story.



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