Five Nights at Sonic’s COLLECTION Free Download

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Five Nights at Sonic’s COLLECTION is really what you expect! Actually, it is a re-released version of the FNAS 1 and FNAF 5: The First Chapter. This game comes along with graphics and Flipnote Studio visual effects with the aim of being more attractive. Just need to download this game for free on this website and quickly enjoy it.

Five Nights at Sonic's COLLECTION
Five Nights at Sonic’s COLLECTION


The game brings all of you to immerse yourself in-depth into an interesting but creepy story that takes place in Sonic’s Hero Pizza Palace. At the moment, this location is in need of a security guard who will work at night shift in order to keep an eye on animatronic robots in there.

You are looking for a new job, and you get this job. This time, you have to find out four of the old school heroes in the 1990s who make the customers entertained from 6 am to midnight. And you need to know that you will not be here in the day but at night. You will soon realize that something is haunting you and nervous will cover up your mind.

Your end purpose is to prevent clones including Tails, Sonic, Mario, and Yoshi from approaching closer and killing you.

Get ready to download Five Nights at Sonic’s COLLECTION for free here and discover your fate in this story.
* This game not release.

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