Five Nights at TubbyLand 2 Free Download

Five Nights at TubbyLand 2 is designed to bring all fans of the Teletubby cartoon movie a new and more thrilling experience. Instead of lovely and friendly looks, now these Teletubby will be in scary appearance. Download the game for free here and enjoy it.

Five Nights at TubbyLand 2
Five Nights at TubbyLand 2

It is a sequel to the Five Nights At TubbyLand 1 with a lot of new attractions. Because of the unexpected well-received from the first game, the author decided to continue to design the next part.


In the game, you will immerse yourself in-depth in a thrilling story at a new location.

For many years after the unfortunate events of the FNaTL1, a new location opens its doors to the public featuring the Teletubby theme. They come along with the introduction of a new model Tubby-bots to attract the customers. After completely re-creating the animatronic robots in order to remove all of the old ones, the location brings its happiness back. However, at the night time, everything is totally different.

Of course, you will play the role of a night guard and explore what mysteries will happen at night. Try to keep an eye on the animatronics and their behaviors.

Get ready to download Five Nights at TubbyLand 2 for free and self-discover the rest of the story.


5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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