Five Nights Before Freddy’s 2 (Official) Free Download

Five Nights before Freddy’s (Official) Free Download is now available for you to get the new experience. This is a fan-made game of Five Night at Freddy’s. You will take a role as a character named Isaac where he is fighting from the withered animatronics in a Wooden Cabin in the center of the forest.

Five Nights Before Freddy's 2 (Official) Free Download
Five Nights Before Freddy’s 2 (Official) Free Download

You will be with a door, 3 windows, a radio, a desk to conceal under, a flashlight, and your cowardice. A huge step from the initial and FNW39 is there are plenty of voices actors.

These will be some characters of Five Nights before Freddy’s:

  • Withered Freddy
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Withered Chica
  • Withered Foxy
  • Golden Freddy


The story of the game is about the new dinner named Freddy’s Fazbear’s Diner after Fredbear’s. They got the fresh toy animatronics, but they asked the authentic four robots for the diner. Thus, they hire a truck driver to displace the animatronics to the restaurant from the authentic placement. Dominic understands this.

He always disliked the franchised animatronics and desired to show it off. Thus he had made the truck of the animatronics fall over the cliff at the end of the road. This caused the original animatronics withered inside. The driver had passed away and Dominic hid the animatronics in the forest. The cops were finding the man who attack the truck and concealed the animatronics.

After some years, Dominic blackmailed your characters and Radio Guy so as to take the heat for him. There is an anonymous reason that Radio Guy got this issue, yet Isaac (your character) would never implement the task, he would inform his wife in terms of Isaac’s cocaine drug issue and prove it by the pictures. Thus, they have to approve with Dominic.

They have to come to the forest where the robots were hidden and inspect them if they keep good every night of the week. Your character has to attempt so as to survive through these nights and don’t let Dominic tell your wife about your secret.

These are some aspects in terms of Five Nights before Freddy’s (Official) Free Download that we desire to show you. Get the game and survive through the nights.


5/5 - (2 votes)
5/5 - (2 votes)

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