Five Nights Before Freddy’s Free Download

Five Nights Before Freddy’s is the fan-made game, which is Free for Download here on our website. This game features the events happen after the first games of the main FNAF game series.


Five Nights Before Freddy’s story begins when the owner of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria has decided to reopen the restaurant after closing it many years ago. The reason for closing is because of the malfunctioned animatronics as you have known.

Despite being the following game of FNAF1, the story of this game is quite different from FNAF2. Instead of being hired to guard the restaurant at night, you will be hired to guard the warehouse, where storing the animatronic robots to make sure that they are ready for the grand opening.

Five Nights Before Freddy's
Five Nights Before Freddy’s

You will guard them for five nights, the clue for dealing with each animatronics will be given by the phone guy. Try your best not to be captured by the robots and also not to damage them so that they will be good looking for the grand opening.

The animatronic characters are basically the same as the ones in the original games of the series, so the strategy for dealing with each of them will be the same. Five Nights Before Freddy’s can be downloaded for free here on our website.

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