Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 Free Download

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 is made and developed to be the sequel to the Five Nights with Mac Tonight 1. Notice that this game is the final game in the Mac Tonight series. If you are a regular fan of Mac Tonight and want to have more new experiences, don’t hesitate to download it for free and enjoy it.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight
Five Nights with Mac Tonight


Since the appearance of the Mac Tonight, the fast-food restaurant McDonald’s has been attracted to a large number of customers for the interesting night hourly openings. Due to the fact that McDonald’s has earned a lot of profit, they intended to expand their advertisement and decided to buy a set of new animatronic robots which are used to make the customers entertained.

Recently, these robots were sent to a Storage facility where McDonald’s builds to keep and store old belongings. And these animatronics will be stored in this facility until the staff of McDonald’s set up the position properly before the robots arrive.

Due to the event that someone has been breaking into the facility and stolen or even destroyed the property, McDonald wants to hire an employee to watch out this warehouse. And you get this job. You should know that animatronics are very expensive and McDonald’s will not be possible to buy parts of them stolen or destroyed. Therefore, you have to do your job well and don’t let anybody get in.

Download Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 for free and explore the rest of the story.


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5/5 - (1 vote)

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