Fnaf: Arcade Free Download

FNAF: Arcade Free Download is designed to be a spinoff game and created by Flashlight Problems Studios. It accepts the play of non-evil versions of the previous mini-games alongside the additional ones.

Fnaf: Arcade Free Download
Fnaf: Arcade Free Download



  • BB’s Air Adventure – a game where the player has to gather the whole of the balloons in the level in the limited time.
  • Mangle’s Quest – a game where the Mangle has to construct itself ordinally, meanwhile avoiding kids that will dismantle it. The time is not limited and it offers about 20 levels. After finished, the player can receive a Mangle Plushie.
  • Freddy’s World – a game where Freddy has to come to the end of a level in a minute. Your obstacles are 3 rivals, endoskeletons that roam and hop around, and BB’s leaves the exploding balloons. Freddy can overcome the rivals by jumping on them. After finishing 10 levels, the player will receive a Freddy Plushie keeping a Cupcake.
  • Foxy and Ivan’s Adventure! – a game belongs to the FF sort game, where you could begin as Ivan yet could insert Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica.

Top Down Games

  • Back When I Was Your Age – this is a top-down platformer, and happens in the FNaF3 mini-game setting-up.

Time Wasters

  • Gut Ninja – akin to the Fruit Ninja game, this is in terms of slicing as plenty of body parts that appear across and insert to augment the point as you could before the time out.

Time Management Games

  • Foxy’s Pirate Dance – you utilize the arrow keys and spacebar. It offers 10 levels and a custom mode where you post the MP3 file.

Other Jazz

Plushie Collection

On the main menu, different option “Plushie Collection” is accessible. Here players can view all their plushes on a shelf, renew a desk, or create their personal plushes.


This is the list of games that FNAF: Arcade Free Download supplies. Just click the “Download” button and get these games right now.


4.5/5 - (2 votes)
4.5/5 - (2 votes)

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