FNaF World System Requirements – Five Nights at Freddy’s

FNAF World is a role-playing game yielding from the famous horror series of Five Night at Freddy’s. In this version, you’re going to play a party of animatronics scanning the map, defeating enemies, and collecting more members to your band.

At the first stage, you will have 4 basic characters with distinctive skills. Namely:

  • Freddy: Mic Toss, Pizza Wheel, Birthday
  • Bonnie: Bite, Bash Jam, Happy Jam
  • Chica: Cupcake, Party Favors, Regen Song
  • Foxy: Hook, Jumpscare, hot Cheese

Besides, there are categories of characters, including Toy, Withered, Phantom, Nightmare, Shadow, Golden, and Other.

How to play


It has its attractions to be prevalent. It brings you to an unimaginable world of animatronics while giving the sense of that retro game you miss. It is rated as a fantasy role play game that is colorful and exceptional.

You will explore the world, fight monsters via random encounters. When you win, you will gain experience and control a party of characters with attributes that separate them from each other.

Điểm neoThe game is turn-bases with the timer going down that tells you when you can attack and when your enemies can. The game has a similar combat system as the Final Fantasy ATB system. But in FNAF World, it’s color-coded.

Red seems to damage all the enemies; orange is a singular attack; purple inflicts debuffs; white buffs; pink heals moves. Players can learn most of these features after a while.

System Requirements FNAF World

It’s easy to get FNAF World and get it run on your computer. This link is free and trustable: FNaF World Download

But how would you know if the game is compatible with your PC? So, what are the FNaF World System Requirements? Check it out.

  • CPU:  2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or equivalent
  • RAM: (1GB)
  • GPU: Any
  • OS:     Win XP, 7, 8, Vista, 10
  • Store: 400 MB available space

Here you will enter the configuration to compare. Then, you’ll know if your PC is eligible for playing FNAF World.

Although FNAF World is said to be an unfinished piece, it still has something that draws players. It’s fair for us to expect some improvements in the future.
* This game not release.

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