Mr Hugs’ Cleaning Duty (April Fools game) Free Download

Mr Hugs’ Cleaning Duty (April Fools game) is just a mini-game that takes the idea from the original FNAF series. The main aim of the author is to give an April Fools joke for the fan community. Let’s get started to download it for free here.

Mr Hugs' Cleaning Duty
Mr Hugs’ Cleaning Duty

The game is made by LSFDevelopment who aims to create a graphic platformer video game. It is definitely a fantastic troll game for those who are looking for relaxed moments.


In this game, you will put yourself into the shoes of Mr.Hugs. His mission is to clean up the pizzeria. The customers throw garbage around this location so you will take responsibility to collect all garbage and throw them into the trash bin of Mr. Can-Do. However, we want to let you know that Mr. Hugs has a capacity limitation. Consequently, you need to guarantee that you clean the garbage regularly.

After running out of time, Mr. Hugs will gather other trash and the Gang’s member. Then hen will mention how sick of humans they are. They decide to meet their master known as Music Man and ask him for the next plan. They will perform their revenge by causing conquering around the world.

That is all about Mr Hugs’ Cleaning Duty (April Fools game). Quickly download it for free here.



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