Phill’s Pizza Plaza Free Download

Phill’s Pizza Plaza Free Download is a survival horror video game inspired by Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator. The game has been published since June 12, 2019 and under progress with an unknown official release date.


Phill’s Pizza Plaza was originally named “One Night at Pizza Plaza” released in 2014 with four parts. Due to some problems with the guidelines, the series had been deleted. And now, its developer, RobinTharsGames, has decided to bring it back in a remastered version with the hope of shedding new light upon the classic fangames.

The game is new and just at its early stage, but not because of that has the game become less attractive. It has a sharp and cool graphic with impressive colors, and new animatronics models,. And all the things in-game keeps its scary visual appearance, which is very cool.

Phill's Pizza Plaza
Phill’s Pizza Plaza


As introduced by the developer, this game will have similar gameplay with its original classic game. Players will play as a night guard and get aware of animatronics. To protect themselves from dangerous species, players shall check the animatronics’ current location by checking cameras, shut the door when dangers reach the doorway. Their difficulty will be raised higher night after night.

*Comming Soon*

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