Project Fredbear Reboot Free Download

Project Fredbear or Project Fredbear Reboot is a free download FNAF fan-game talking about a horror experience. Become a private detective and explore the reason why your brother has disappeared!

Project Fredbear Reboot Survival Mode Demo

It relates to a sudden disappearance of a man who is the player’s brother. People have not found out him for a year.

The last place that he worked at is Fredbear’s. It is a vintage pizza restaurant containing mysterious animatronic mascots.

The police cannot receive any warrant to investigate in that building.

Therefore, you determined to explore the location on a calm and lonely night. Perhaps, you will collect some clues.

Be careful! Something unrest is following your moves. Don’t let any killer machine approach your area!

Avoid jumpscares of the enemy in Project Fredbear Free Download will help you survive and progress. Remember to take advantage of the tool to block them!



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