Project: Midway Free Download

Download Project: Midway for free here and enjoy one of the best fan-made games that take inspiration from the FNAF series. Get ready to download the game for free without any hesitation.

Project: Midway
Project: Midway


This time, you will play the role of the main character who is in a very difficult circumstance. You lost everything, lost your money, lose your house, and now you have nothing. What you have is a big depression. In addition, your family is very poor and has to live in an old house.

The worst thing is that your family event has no food or drink to maintain life. Incidentally, you read news on the newspaper about the recruitment of Chuck The Cheetah and Joe The Alligator’s Midway Diner. They want to hire a worker who is willing to work at night shift to guarantee the security of the location. A large amount of money attracts you to apply for this position. You have a chance to improve your life.

However, it is not an easy job. During your shift, you have a bad feeling about what is happening around this place. Especially, animatronic robots in this Diner somehow behave unpredictably. They seem to approach closer to you.

Use your light controller, animatronic rewinder, and a fire alarm to prevent the attack of these robots.

Let’s get started to download Project: Midway for free and enjoy this game.



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