Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game Free Download

On the anniversary of the 4th birthday of the Five Nights at Freddy’s, August 8, 2018, they released a game named Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary for Free Download. It is a point – and – click game created by the developer named Games Production Official.


If you are addicted to the Flappy Bird game developed by a Vietnamese developer, now you have a chance to live in that age again in the Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game. 

The Flappy Bird inspires this game. Therefore you can see the content is quite similar but easier.

How to play

The players are the avatar of the Scott Cawthon’s, who is the father of the horror series game that all of us know: Five Night at Freddy’s. You take the blue cubes to earn points and stay away from all the purple pipes. If your scores are over 70, you will be eaten by the Nightmare BB. It will not suddenly happen. On the screen, there will be a signal to warn if you get an unhappy ending. To avoid such a bad end, the players have to win many kinds of mini-games by choosing particular objects in the background.

The first mini-game is the Exotic Location. This game’s gate will open for you when you click to the Exotic Butter appear on the PC Screen. The mission is simple; you have to grab at least 100 butters. There is one a little weird of this game is that it will not continuously. Sometimes, when the Freddy Fazbear or Funtime Freddy presents, there is nothing you can do or the keys you can press but the ‘F’ or ‘S.’ In the past, Adams and Eva didn’t keep the promise because of a fresh apple in Eden Garden. In this game, your computer screen may instantly appear a big, sudden, sad phrase ‘Game Over’ if you press to any cupcake. It is delicious but dangerous.

After winning this mini-game, you will get the first star, which is also a key to unlock other interesting kinds.

Scott in Space! - FNAF Anniversary Game Free Download
Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game Free Download

What a dream

This game is quite different from the others when you will not play the whole levels from the beginning to the end but overcome the previous mini – games first. The players are required to click on the Bonnie head to play the What a dream game. If you are a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s, you will see it has some similar features to the Foxy.exe.

You have to hide the Bonnie to grab all the existing alarm clocks. Be careful! Bonnie’s ears are very sensitive. It can hear the tiny sound of your feet. Therefore, if you see the Bonnie, you have to stop walking, stay still until it has gone. If you don’t, the Bonnie will know. If you wish to find out what Bonnie will do next if it realizes you have the hidden objects, download the Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary for Free.

Right after all the mini-games have finished, a cutscene will appear on the screen to present that it is a bad dream of Scott. He used to dream about Bonnie, and he created the game by recalling one of his nightmares. He is so witty, isn’t he?

The second game ends, so you will get one more star to unlock the third game. Its name is Freddy FAZ pizza.

Freddy FAZ Pizza

This game will appear when the ‘What a dream’ ends. This time, it is inspired by another famous game, Pac-man. This task is more simple. The players try to grab all the pizzas as well as avoid the wander in the maze.

Final words

This game has many exciting, attractive, and innovative features to celebrate the 4th birthday of the Five Nights at Freddy’s, so just download the Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary and get a Free to enjoy.

Good luck!

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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