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Welcome to the combination of the two most famous horror video games, SCP – The Endurance with its Free Download at www. This game is inspired by the SPC Facility and Five Nights at Freddy’s famous horror game series.


SCP – The Endurance, `also named “Five Nights at SCP Facility”, is a fan-made horror video game with creepy and violent elements made for above teenagers. This is the work of Elefelen in five years. And finally it was officially published on January 15, 2019. Listed as one of the Five Nights series, this game succeeds the horror and creepy bringing scary excitement to gamers.

As introduced, this game has been made to extend the great experience of all gamers from the two classics horror games. It has all strength of those games: the scariest characters that can scare any bravest gamers, attractive storyline and simple yet addicting gameplay; plus double scare level and a bunch of awesome features.

SCP - The Endurance
SCP – The Endurance


SCP – The Endurance is set up with a background of a creepy facility in which a huge number of scary characters are hidden in the dark. Similar to other games in the FNAF series, gamers will play the role of a night guard and manage to survive five nights there. With limited tools and weapons such as cameras, light torches, switches, and doors,  gamers shall make them work to defend themselves against dangerous species.

5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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