Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Free Download

Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) is designed to be a custom night that uses Sister Location’s assets. If you like Sister Location, you definitely like this game too. Don’t hesitate to download this game for free on the website and enjoy it in your own way.

Sister Location: Custom Night
Sister Location: Custom Night

In comparison with the original Sister Locations, the night’s gameplay has a little difference:

  • Ballora and Foxy will be in the Main Room. They will try to come closer to the window and if they are near enough, they will kill you immediately. In order to get them back in their right positions, give them a controlled shock. However, you have to try not to do that a lot.
  • Freddy will be in the Side Room. In order to enter this room, you need to right-click on the left vent from the Main Room or you also can press A. He will tend to move closer to you gradually so you need to carefully check on him once and try to make him calm down.
  • You are able to look at the camera system in any room. They display the position of Ennard. Ennard will enter the Office Room. In order to enter this room, you can click on the front vent from the Main Room or press W. Don’t worry, the room has protective doors that will prevent Ennard from approaching and killing you.

Download Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) for free and try your best to complete the custom night.



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