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Super FNaF is a fan-made game, which is free for Download using APK for Android. This game is created inspired by the famous FNAF horror game series, designed in the 16 bits of graphics.


This game is an adventure game, which is nothing closed to a horror game. It features a group of 5 kids that are trying to survive in an unknown place full of animatronic characters. Instead of controlling only one person, you will now need to guide a group, which will make it a free-roaming game.

You will also get a top-down view perspective, allowing you to view an entire group at the same time. This game is made in 16 bits of graphics, which is similar to many other games of the adventure game.

Super FNaF is like a combination of many mini-games of the main games of the series. The group of children includes the one that is killed and places inside the animatronic characters in the original games. That is the reason why the name of kids is the same as the familiar animatronic characters.

If you want to play Super FNaF on android devices, you can download APK files on our website for free and install it on your phones.

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