The Diner Free Download

The Diner is made and published by Subwoofer who wants to bring his own game to the fan community with the aim of bringing players relaxed time. Let’s get started to download the game for free here simply with a click.

The Diner
The Diner

Basically, the story of the game is based on the basic plot of the original FNAF series. This time, the players also will put themselves into the shoes of a nightguard working to keep the security for properties. The job will start at 12 am and finish at 7 am.

What you need to do is to monitor the cameras to observe what is happening around the building. You should know a fact that animatronic robots staying here will become weird and aggressive at night. As a result, once you have a bad feeling that these robots are approaching close to you, find any way to make them go away and defend yourself.

The game consists of many horror elements such as loud noises and jumpscares. If you have any problem with any of these elements, you should not play the game to keep yourself safe. No one will take responsibility for injuries.

Download The Diner for free here without any hesitation. Try your best to complete your job and survive until 7 am tomorrow.


5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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