The Freddy Files Free Download

The Freddy Files Free Download is a new fan-made survival horror video game made by Awxy and his team. It has got a huge inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s series of Scott Cawthon to create this project, declares its developer. As introduced, there is a total of six chapters in the game to bring more fun to players.



The Freddy Files takes place at Fazbear Entertainment. After the first close of the company due to rumors of obscure incidents, the company has announced an explanation for all strange things that happened in the company and decided to reopen with the guarantee of no harmful animatronics.

To ensure everything is ok, they have hired you to work as a night guard. While you are working in the new location of the company, strange things happen there: suddenly closed doors, metallic noise, the sound of moving, red eyes. While waiting for outside help, you decide to check the files for the history of Fazbear. Then your memory starts to jog. The files are saying that you have been involved in the crimes and incidents of the company, but you don’t remember anything. This is where everything starts.


The Freddy Files
The Freddy Files

Play as the night guard to figure out what was happening to him and find out the real story of all strange things with features as below:

  • Mini-games with different experiences to gain back short memories.
  • Gameplay with improved mechanics.
  • Familiar 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Limited tools and weapons to defend against the animatronics such as a system camera, power resources,…
  • Extra challenges..

*Comming Soon*

5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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