The Return to Freddy’s Android Collection (Official) Free Download

The Return to Freddy’s Android Collection (Official) is really what you are looking for! It is a great collection of the Return to Freddy’s series but it is able to play on Android devices. That is very convenient! Quickly download it for free here and start things off.

The Return to Freddy's Android Collection
The Return to Freddy’s Android Collection

The game aims to make the dreams of most players come true! It allows the players to play the game everywhere as long as you have your Android smartphones or tablets.


The classic story

The “Ever So Popular” Pizzeria’s Animatronics has completed the repair at last. They bring back Foxy, the favorite fox of everybody as well as something old from the old pizzeria. This will be something that can make the children full of hopes and joys. However, the establishment has not been cleaned and they want to hire an employee to watch out around this building. Mike Schmidt is about to quit his job, but he sees this new article about the new pizzeria.

TRTF 2 story

This time, you will take the job of a night shift in the location where Freddy and his friends appear. You have to check the cameras to make sure everything is alright.

TRTF 3 story

Fazbear Fantasy Land, a new entertainment is about to open and expose the legend from the past.

TRTF 4 story

There have been 15 years after the demolishment of Fazbear Fantasy Land, the authority decides to bring animatronics back but they have not seen some terrifying mistake they make.

Download The Return to Freddy’s Android Collection (Official) for free and enjoy this unique collection anywhere you want.



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