Watch Your Nightmares (FNAF 4 With Cameras) Free Download

Watch Your Nightmares (FNAF 4 With Cameras) is a fan-made game of the series FNAF. It is inspirited by the idea “What if FNAF 4 had a camera system”. It aims to bring a new experience for the fan community. Download it for free here.

Watch Your Nightmares
Watch Your Nightmares

It is a semi-creation of the FNAF 4’s gameplay where the visual cue is more focused. This time, rather than running door to door and trying to listen, the players need to keep checking on the hallway cameras.


Nightmare Foxy: He behaves the same as he does in FNAF 4. He will attempt to leave the closet and perform 4 phases: be a plush, sit down at the closet, stand with his knees bent, and finally stand very near the exit of the closet. If you let him stand at his final phase too long, he will immediately leave the closet and approach you.

Try to keep the closet door close for some seconds to make him turn back.

Nightmare Freddy: He will go through the left hallway to enter your room. If you realize that he is standing in your doorway, instantly close the door.

Nightmare Chica: If you realize that Chica is standing in the hallway, close the security camera, and shut the right door down.

Nightmare Bonnie: Do the same as Chica but close the left door.

Download Watch Your Nightmares (FNAF 4 With Cameras) for free here without any hesitation.


5/5 - (1 vote)
5/5 - (1 vote)

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